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REDCap is a secure, HIPAA-compliant web-based application designed for data collection for research studies . It provides an easy-to-use data entry system with data validation, the ability to import data from external sources , automated exports to statistical software, audit trails, branching logic and calculations, and sophisticated tools for building and managing online surveys . As the community nurses have been using this software for years, our study links to the Madres Sanas dataset but involves separate forms in a separate REDCap database. There are cluster-specific REDCap forms that are collected on enrollment, at 3 months, and at 12 months following enrollment.

  • Soon, they reached the side of a highway, where a container truck sat idling.
  • These men subsequently disappeared, leaving their wives vulnerable both physically and financially.
  • The primary outcome of this study is use of the contraceptive implant at 3 months postpartum.
  • All recruited mothers were invited to complete the survey; out of the 155 study participants, 147 completed it at baseline, and 121 post-intervention.
  • Out of all the reparation measures, land restitution is perhaps one of the most critical ones, but difficult to implement since much of the land being claimed is held privately.

Many indigenous women, like Carmen, view the mostly male Guatemalan police force to be corrupt, inept, and lacking the resources to assist in crisis. Guatemalan police will often demand gas money to travel to remote areas to take police reports. Carmen also said that “it’s too easy for men who have been accused Dating Guatemala City of violence to hide out,” as local police simply do not have the resources to track these perpetrators down. “Women rely on men,” Carmen continued, “they are isolated from their families…of course, some women will say they are in love and that’s why they don’t report it, because they don’t know better”.

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Abortions, which have always been a taboo topic in Guatemala, continue to be considered a criminal offense; many women end up in prison for years for having had one. “We live here in a state that is incapable of protecting its women and where the political will to do so is lacking. This is compounded by the way society is so pervaded by machismo that violence against women is often not reported,” she said. At least 160 women have been killed in the first four months of 2021 in Guatemala — more than one per day. Amid more than 20,000 complaints of violence, few facilities are available for women to get help. Her father, Francisco, an evangelical Christian, was a cattle and sheep farmer.

In this period, colonisers used rape to take power over Indigenous people, to dominate Indigenous societies and to take possession of their lands. A guatemalan blind women from Solola, Guatemala, wearing Mayan traditional clothing called guipil and corte.A guatemalan blind women from Solola, Guatemala, wearing Mayan traditional clothing called guipil and corte. Follow news related to the UN’s independent human rights experts on Twitter @UN_SPExperts. The discussion began with an introduction to the transforming the future of the legal profession through gender equality in the context of Latin America and Central America by Lizzette R. De Howarth, from the Law Society and Adriana Quiñonez, UN Women country representative.

They drive auto rickshaws provided by the Center for Human Development out to the communities to conduct their home visits, which include four antenatal visits and two postpartum visits. During the visits the nurses both provide clinical care and collect quality improvement and research data, and as such serve a dual function in their role. As noted, this study takes place at the final Madres Sanas visit, which occurs forty days after delivery. Routine clinical care, including postpartum contraceptive education, culminates at this time, although counseling on postpartum contraception begins at the enrollment visit. After routine clinical care is provided, the nurses offer enrollment in the study. The nurse teams are comprised of two nurses who are responsible for a segment of the communities in the region. There are ten communities in the Madres Sanas program that are combined into eight clusters; our biostatistician did this in order to achieve similar cluster sizes, determined according to the number of births by community in 2017.

This report summarizes the study’s findings, in addition to offering recommendations to the Guatemalan and United States governments on how to protect women and children in Guatemala from gender-based violence. In Mack’s experience, it is common for women to be threatened in this way or even killed by their attackers.

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The land concerned included unused land held by the United Fruit Company, a US banana company with close links to the Eisenhower administration – the company disputed the compensation offered to it by the Guatemalan government, and demanded a much larger sum. The indigenous population, especially women, are excluded from having access to production, justice, political participation and land. An indigenous Maya Mam human rights defender and politician, Thelma Cabrera ran for president in 2019 as part of the Movement for the Liberation of People’s party.

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More than a decade later, a UN-sponsored report said this abuse had been generalised and systematic – it estimated that 25% or 50,000 of the victims of Guatemala’s war were women. The lawsuit was based on the violation of 15 women from Sepur Zarco, but the court could only verify the evidence of 11 of them as three of the victims died. As part of the reparation measures, civil society organizations worked with the Guatemalan Ministry of Education to develop a comic book for children, which narrates the history of Sepur Zarco. The book will be distributed in secondary schools across Guatemala City, as well as in the municipalities of the Alta Verapaz area. Pakistani women rallied around the country’s major cities in defiance of Islamist hardliners, who had attacked the march with stones last year. Dancing, chanting and marching, protesters demanded reform in the healthcare system, highlighting how the pandemic struck women the most. Women around the world suffered to access reproductive and sexual healthcare during the coronavirus crisis.

One difference in migratory patterns exits between ladino Guatemalans, those whose blood lines can be traced back to Spain, and indigenous Maya, like Marvin and his family. Since the dawn of colonisation in Guatemala, lucrative farmland, political connections, and industrial might have been maintained—by force when necessary—by the ladinos. As a result, Maya in Guatemala are among the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere. Indigenous communities increasingly rely on remittances, money sent from relatives working abroad back to their family in their country of origin, to meet their basic needs. More than ten percent of Guatemala’s economy as measured by gross domestic product is generated by remittances. While data in recent years is suggesting a “genderization” of immigration, migrants from Guatemala who migrant for economic reasons tend to be male.

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According to Amnesty International, women are often murdered in Guatemala after being sexually assaulted. Perpetrators of these crimes operate in a country where less than four per cent of all homicides result in convictions.According to the United Nations, crimes against women in Guatemala go unpunished in more than 88% of reported cases. Guatemalan women also suffer from some of the highest rates of interfamilial violence in the world. Iran debates ‘honor killings’ after girl’s murder shocks country The recent murder of an Iranian girl by her own father has highlighted women’s inequality and the country’s antiquated legal system. The Mexican men who want to end violence against women In Mexico, stay-at-home measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 are being touted as a chance for men to help with housework and childcare. But in this extremely Catholic country, even women who have been the victims of rape are forbidden to have an abortion.

USAID empowers women by building platforms for civic participation and improving access to economic opportunities, quality education, health services, and justice. Marvin, for his part, has been trying to seek justice for his daughter, who he learned in 2018 had been sexually abused by his brother-in-law years earlier. When asked if he felt his presence in Guatemala may have prevented the abuse suffered by his daughter, Marvin’s answer was revealing. “I think that if a person wants to sexually or physically abuse a person in a situation of vulnerability, they will do it one way or another. I do think I could have avoided this situation altogether if I had not decided to emigrate to this country, but the perpetrator would have sought another victim if he felt my daughter was protected by me still living with my family in Guatemala,” Marvin said. Marvin said that “many people who are in my same position decide to leave everything as it is and not seek justice because of how frustrating and expensive the process can be”.

At the time of the interview, the director said that the GGM would be opening the first shelter for such women in Guatemala in the near future . The GGM’s objective was not only to shelter these women but also to give them the means to be able to change their situation by explaining to them the reasons for, and causes of, the domestic violence directed at them.

“This trial will help open a debate about feminicide, because the lack of justice actually contributes to increasing gender violence,” says Bernabeu. “There are times when foreign or international courts are the only recourse for victims, since they can get no justice in their own country,” she says. Today women in Guatemala are killed at nearly the same rate as they were in the early 1980s when the civil war became genocidal. Yet the current femicide epidemic is less an aberration than a reflection of the way violence against women has become normalized in Guatemala. Used to re-inscribe patriarchy and sustain both dictatorships and democracies, gender-based violence morphed into femicide when peacetime governments became too weak to control extralegal and paramilitary powers.

The timepoint for this will be at enrollment and 3 and 12 months following enrollment in the study. The clinical relevance of our primary outcome is that we have the potential to reduce unintended and short-interval pregnancies by increasing utilization of a highly effective method of postpartum contraception . This will provide important information to contextualize our primary outcome.

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